The history of cannabis, hashish (or ganja), and its use for medicinal and recreational purposes is long. But what’s all the fuss over?

Cannabis is one of the Cannabaceae plants. These are angiosperms and flowering plants. They can be found scattered throughout mild regions of the Northern Hemisphere with a variety of other scented herbs.

Cannabaceae is home to the notorious Cannabis Sativa species L. It can be confusing to differentiate cannabis plants .



Sativa cannabis is the preferred variety for adult recreational use. This plant contains high levels of THC (Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) that give the user a feeling of elation and an intoxicating euphoria.


Cannabis Indica is said that it relieves pain and discomforts in the body and can give a person a buzz. It is considered primarily medicinal, so it is less popular than the more potent Sativa.



Cannabinoid component-rich plants can be called Cannabis. Cannabinoids entice the brain’s receptors into responding in a particular manner. THC promises a high. Cannabidiol is a chemical substance that induces the brain to respond in a particular way. Cannabinol (produced by activating THC) provides relief from pain and discomfort. Cannabinol can also be used as an immune suppressor and anti-inflammatory wonder medicine.

Other compounds in cannabis include the terpenes or unsaturated oils of cannabis, and flavonoids. These phytochemicals guard against bacterial as well as viral infections in plants.


Mary Jane, Marijuana and Marijuana are derogatory names. They were first used by those opposed to marijuana being used for recreational purposes. The traditional method of smoking marijuana was to extract oil from the flowers, stalks, buds, or outer fibers (hura), or to smoke the buds. The seeds don’t usually yield much oil, so they aren’t used for that purpose.

High THC concentrations in marijuana can create a high sensation of high-speed highs that can be dangerous for your mental and physical health.


Hemp is the quiet middle child of Cannabis and can be used for both industrial and medical purposes. It is a fast growing strain of Cannabis Sativa.

Hemp is considered non-psychoactive because it contains less that 0.3% of THC. To extract the cannabidiol within hemp, hemp products are made. These CBD oils can be used to provide a wide range of restorative benefits. These products can be consumed orally by way of capsules and edibles, or they may be inhaled through vaping. Lotions and salves may be used to apply topical relief directly to skin, muscles and joints.

Hemp oil is rich with Omega 3, 6, and 9, and is considered the next superfood. It is nutritious and energy-packed and can be used by vegans as well.

Smoking & Vaping

When marijuana is smoked with full spectrum CBD cannabis flowers or pre-rolled joints (or both), THC and other chemicals can enter the lungs.

Vaping can use flavored capsules of cannabinoids. The canisters should be placed into an Atomizer to vaporize the product so that it can be inhaled by a mouthpiece. Absorption happens again through the membranous tissue within the lungs.

Sublingual Application

CBD oils and/or tinctures can easily be administered sublingually. The drug is delivered into the bloodstream by tiny blood vessels through mucous films beneath the tongue.

Oral Nutrition

The body needs to process edible cannabis capsules or products. The rate at the which the drug is absorbed can be affected by user’s weight or metabolic competence.

What Comes Next?

Cannabinoids mimic a brain’s chemical, anandamide. The drug tricks the brain into accepting and recognizing the intruder chemicals as normal. The drug is effectively given free rein to alter normal brain functions. This includes the feeling of pleasure, recall, critical thinking and movement.

It is possible for normal brain function to be affected in different ways. You may feel intoxicated, ecstatic, or relaxed with an enhanced sense of smell. Other effects include an altered time frame, uncontrolled laughter and the munchies as well as an unexplainable increase in appetite.

Even though it is widely believed cannabis users can’t overdose on the drug, some users may experience anxiety, fear, and panic while high. This is particularly true for over-zealous or inexperienced users.

In extreme cases, some consumers may experience psychosis that manifests in hallucinations, delusions and even permanent schizophrenia.

It is important that potential buyers of cannabis product understand the terminology. You need to make sure that the product is safe and high-quality.

Check ingredients carefully. High quality CBD oils, produce and CBD oils are free of artificial flavoring and add-ons.

Also, be clear about your expectations. Consider your options and make revisions. It is not worth rushing to the end in order to avoid being left behind.

By Juliet