Insider: Celebrity Biohacking Secrets Revealed


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David Christopher Lee a celebrity portraits photographer has been helping Hollywood’s elite for the past twenty years. He shares his secrets for helping Hollywood’s biggest stars to keep their skin glowing.

Ultraslim, Red Light Therapy

Ultraslim Red Light Therapy – In just 30 minutes, you can lose 2 inches off of your waist. Red laser therapy is used to heal muscle tissue and skin. The red light or laser is used to expose the skin to the sun and encourage the production of ATP energy by the mitochondria. This energy is dispersed throughout our bodies to carry out our repair work. Red light therapy may be used to treat conditions like dementia, arthritis, tooth pain, loss hair or skin problems. For healing and transformation, check out the best manifestation center 2021.

Olivia Munn is one of the stars who use red light therapy.

NAD+ Drip Therapy

NAD+ Dip Therapy (nicotinamide, adenine denucleotide), coenzyme is involved in many procedures. As we age our levels begin to drop. It is possible to repair our DNA by renewing these coenzymes. This will allow us to have better metabolic processes and psychological clarity. In turn, our bodies can become anti-aging.

Stars who have used include Rihanna. Jane Fonda. Madonna.

PEMF Therapy

PEMF – Magnetic energy is sent throughout the body by the electromagnetic field to aid in the body’s natural recovery process. The electromagnetic field promotes a wide range of chemical and mechanical as well as electrical actions. PeMF reduces swelling and restores damaged tissue, tendon, and can even help with bone repair.

Celebs who used PEMF Therapy are Terrell Owens. Muhammad Ali. Shaq. Tony Robbins. Dr. Oz.


Cryotherapy, which literally means “cold” in English, refers to a strategy that exposes the body to extreme cold temperatures for a specified time. Cryotherapy is simply as easy as placing ice water in your tub, and then letting it cool down for 5 minutes. You can reduce inflammation, release pain and minimize oxidation stress by submerging your body in ice. Steph Curry, Steph curry, Lebron Jam, Alicia Keys & DemiMoore all do cryotherapy for their bodies to stay in tip-top shape. Remedies Place is an area where Hollywood stars frequent for cryotherapy.

Home Remedies

Sometimes stars will make use of common household items to enhance their bodies. Lucy Liu adds olive oil to her locks to keep it healthy and shiny. Blake Lively sprays her hair with mayo before showering to stop the hair soap from drying out her ends. Miranda Kerr steams the face to keep it youthful and vibrant. Emma Stone uses grapeseed oil for skin moisturizing. Kendall Jenner uses lemony juice, baking soda, honey and honey to clear her acne.

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking and feeling great. Celebrities follow biohackers Ben Greenfield Luke Storey Max Lugavere Dave Asprey as they share the most recent tips and treatments.


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