The menstrual cycles are a common phenomenon and occur to almost all women at some point between puberty (or menopause). There are many ideas about menstruation.

There are many women who don’t feel comfortable discussing their periods. The Rio sanitary pad provides real comfort for women who have to deal with periods.

What is menstruation exactly?

Each month, the female body is developing for pregnancy. But, when there isn’t, the lining will eventually fall and the periods will commence.

Menstrual blood flows through the cervix from the uterus and out through the vagina. Therefore, menstrual bleeding is not just blood. It’s a mix of tissue and liquid. Women should use high quality pads for their periods .

Ovulation affects the timing of the periods.

Menstruation occurs approximately 14 days after the ovulation. The first stage is usually between 7 and 20 day long. It may lead to shorter or longer cycles, depending on when your ovulation took place.

For instance: If you ovulate at the 10 th Day, your period will occur on the 24 th. And if you have your period at the 14th, your period will take place on January 28th.

All women don’t have 28-day periods.

There are many myths associated with the menstruation cycle. They say that they usually last 28 days. This is a myth. The average menstrual cycle for a woman lasts between 21 and 35 calendar days.

It depends on the person’s age and other health factors. While the typical menstrual cycle lasts for 28 consecutive days, it may be shorter or longer. Health issues are not caused by a shorter or longer menstrual period.

Menstruation can be affected when there is a change in your body weight

In order to make and release hormones, the body needs certain amounts of fat. If you gain weight or lose weight, irregular periods may occur. Many women with high levels of bodyfat are at risk of having irregular periods. This is due to increased estrogen production.

Too much stress can lead to periods of infrequentness.

Stress is another reason irregular periods might occur. Any type of stress can easily cause problems in your body’s natural hormonal balances .

This could cause irregular periods. Your irregular periods could be due to stress, life events, thyroid problems and medications.

Bleeding that is not normal can signify serious health problems

If you experience heavy bleeding during your menstruation cycle, it could be a sign of other hidden health issues like polyps and menopause. To get a better consultation, you should consult a good Gynecologist.

It is important to know your body so that you can stay healthy and happy throughout your periods. For the best comfort, use Rio sanitary pads .

By Juliet