We got an example from Delta-8 THC about how the 2018 Farm Bill has left us many options for getting high, but it’s still federally legal. While each state closes that loophole, another loophole has already been created in the form of hemp Delta-9 THC. This is normal THC. It is legal to use at the federal level provided it does not exceed 0.3% THC. Just as with whisky, you can get as high from light beers as you can from heavy ones – as long as there is no restriction on the amount of THC. Welcome to hemp delta-9.

What Is Hemp Delta-9 THC?

The 2018 Farm Bill made hemp legal at the federal stage. It was not a blanket law, though. It stipulated that hemp should only contain 0.3% to 0.9% delta-9 THC by dry matter. This is cannabis’ main psychoactive component, so it makes sense that the amount of this part would be minimal. The delta-9THC in hemp is still present, so it can be called hemp Delta-9.

In other words, a “hemp-delta-9” label means it is legal 9, and not the “illegal”.

Hemp Delta-9 Vs. Regular Delta-9

Other than the source, there is not much difference between hemp beta-9 and regular alpha-9. The chemical in itself is identical. The difference in the delta-9s between hemp and regular comes down to the source.

This distinction is not perfect, however: regular marijuana hemp and hemp are the exact same species. They have the same 0.3% delta-9 THC cutoff. This is the key difference. It’s marijuana if it’s higher than this; hemp if it’s lower than this.

This makes it evident that the omega-9 THC can be used in either direction. If the plant it came from is low on THC, then it’s completely legal at the federal level. But, if it has high levels of THC or more, it’s a Schedule I controlled substance. This is completely absurd, but it is the law.

Can It Get You High?

Yes, delta-9THC from hemp gets you high. It is the same chemical in hemp as in other cannabis and has the exact same effects. There are only two things that can be different about edibles. You can have edibles with any concentration you want, as long it doesn’t exceed a specific amount per serving (usually 10mg) or a particular amount per package (10mg). It’s true that hemp delta-9 will give you a higher dose, so you’ll need to eat more. However, once you do that, the effect is the exact same.

It is worth noting that, as the delta-9 of this case is from hemp products will likely contain a higher percentage of cannabinoids than those made from marijuana. In particular, the THC/CBD ratio will shift much further towards CBD.

Hemp D9 products are similar in their nature but quite distinct from traditional cannabis edibles. While they can be “compared” to edibles in adult usage states due to the Delta-9 cannabis cannabinoid (but the dosages, formulations, and other differences are not comparable), Traditional cannabis edibles will have dosages that are higher than those found in our hemp-derived Delta-9 products. This is due to the Delta-9 concentration in our products.

Is Hemp Delta-9 Legal?

This question is what almost all of the trends for hemp-delta-9 revolve around. While the 2018 Farm Bill creates confusion over its legality in some ways, there isn’t any. The Farm Bill makes hemp legal at the federal level.

The Cannabis sativa: Every part of that plant including all derivatives, extracts cannabinoids, cannabinoids salts, and salts of isomers, growing or not.

By Juliet