If you’re contemplating “turning green” by opening a cannabis dispensary or a related company, it’s crucial to find a lawyer with a deep understanding of the cannabis regulations in your state, as they are frequently subject to quick change.

As federal legalization of cannabis usage nears, the sector is expanding at a phenomenal rate. In reality, more than half of the states have legalized cannabis in some form, and while it is mostly for medical usage, other states are beginning to recognize the recreational benefits.

However, it is not a smooth and simple terrain to cross, as there are several perplexing rules, regulations, and other hurdles that make the voyage rather difficult in its infancy. Consequently, here are some recommendations to assist you to pick the finest attorney for cannabis tax accounting to help you cement your firm and guarantee it has a solid legal foundation:

1. Select An Attorney With Varied Cannabis Law Experience

When in need of legal counsel, it is better to invest in small law firms with strong, knowledgeable staff.

This is because your attorneys will be one of your key information sources as you launch and expand your cannabis firm. You need a one-stop shop of attorneys on your team to provide you with adequate coverage to keep your business on track.

In this regard, a representative of your company must know the following:

  • Cannabis legislation
  • State licensing
  • Government relations
  • Contract law
  • Local zoning concerns
  • Intellectual property law
  • Corporate law
  • Real estate law
  • Compliance law

2. Select A Lawyer With Experience Collaborating With Administrative Agencies

Because the cannabis sector has more laws than other businesses, you will need an attorney with a solid grasp of how to navigate the business formation phases for small and big companies.

This will guarantee that your attorney can handle commercial demands while also ensuring compliance with local, state, and federal cannabis-specific regulations.

Throughout the life of your business in Washington, you will be required to cooperate closely. You need an attorney who can effectively convey your demands to the WSLCB and represent you and your business.

3. Select A Cannabis Attorney Who Is Always Current

As the cannabis business and regulatory environment continue to expand, cannabis policies are in continual motion.

To guarantee that your firm complies with local, state, and federal industry rules, you need an attorney who can keep a finger on the pulse of these policy developments and stay abreast of them.

4. Cannabis attorneys will assist in mitigating the risks your business faces

This does not imply that firms or persons that comply with state laws are subject to arrest. However, mistakes may quickly lead to a sticky situation, which is why a cannabis-savvy attorney is essential for any green firm.

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By Juliet